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I’m a Los Angeles-based artist who originated from Boston, Massachusetts. I have an incredibly reasonable goal of drawing funny faces for a living. My passion for art and illustration has motivated me from high school, through college, and has brought me to today.


I studied at Emerson College in Boston. In my final semester, I was an intern in Interscope Records’ music video department. My supervisor saw my art and suggested I should pursue storyboarding as a career. The suggestion excited me and started me on a path of transitioning from film school into storyboarding for animation.

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Since then, I have been taking classes at Concept Design Academy, getting the chance to learn from some really talented people. This experience taught me the ground rules of storyboarding and how to make sure that my work would track production-wise. The experience has really helped me hone my craft and understand the demands of professional work in the field.


I’m eager to work on any project that fits my skill set. If you have an interest in my work, please drop me a line below. Thank you!


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