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Pandoras Bag Short 2-min.gif

Pandora's Bag 

A young man named Ralph struggles with his addiction to potato chips. He seeks to eat healthier and improve his diet. However, some tasty snacks cannot be kept out of the pantry... (Storyboard Pro, 2022)

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A short storyboard based on a lovable, but silly family dog who always struggled with learning lessons. (Procreate, 2024)

A True Dog Story

Hulk Jr.

A storyboard based on the childhood fantasy of being as strong as the Incredible Hulk, and the reality of what it is to be a kid. (Procreate, 2023)

Animal Crossing Into Reality.

A storyboard about the carefree time a lot of us spent playing Animal Crossing during the 2020 pandemic. (Procreate, 2020)

smash bucket-min.gif

A young girl in Hell High School is bored working on a group dissection of a human body. She then jumps ahead in the course, only to take on more than she bargained for. (Storyboard Pro, 2022)

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The Dissexorcist

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