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Doctor Peace in the Third 

A hero with the amazing ability to CURE CRIME. In his home world, Doctor Peace is a hero. But in our reality, he's a nobody. Watch as Doctor Peace comes to terms with the harsh realities of a new dimension. (2023)


I'm Sorry Frank Miller

A short biographical comic about the author's journey falling in love with the work of one of his favorite artists, and the eventual drama of meeting him in person. (2022)

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Animal Crossing 2020

A short comic about the experience of playing Animal Crossing during the horrific year that was 2020. (2020)


We've all been there

A quick trip to the deli in NYC quickly turns to a disaster. Will our hero make it home in time to cure himself of a horrifically common illness. (2022)


Jurassic Park Opening

An adaptation of the opening chapter of Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park novel. Featuring a scene not seen in the Steven Spielberg film. (2022)


Hulk Me

A short biographical comic about the authors determination to become like one of his biggest heroes.

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